An ESP32 based presence detection node for use with the Home Assistant mqtt_room component for localized device presence detection. This is a Fork/rewrite of ESP32-mqtt-room.

Beacon Flow

Differences from ESP32-mqtt-room

  • SUPER Easy Browser based installation
  • Captive portal for easy WiFi setup
  • Home Assistant MQTT Discovery for easy HA configuration
  • Auto-updates by downloading github released bin (with a preference if you don’t want this)
  • Uses a fingerprint instead of mac addresses so we can track randomized mac devices (like Apple Watches and iOS devices)
  • Filters measured distance with botah a median prefilter and a Kalman filter (reduces jitter for more accuracy)
  • Fully multithreaded, uses constant BLE scanning, doesn’t disable wdt (more reliable)
  • Additional AppDaemon app that attempts to solve indoor position (x,y,z) with multiple ESPresense stations using multilateralization.

Getting Started


You’re going to need the following items:


Check out the installation page


If you’re having difficulty getting things set up and work properly, check out the troubleshooting page before you open an issue. It will help you determine what information you need to provide to identify and fix what’s gone wrong.

Release Notes

View the changelog here.


This depends heavily on the hard work done by a number of people: