Base Stations

The firmware is currently compatible with the ESP32 WROOM and WROVER dual core (most common). 4MB of flash is required (most common). We support the original ESP32, ESP32-C3, and the ESP32-S3 (S2 doesn’t have bluetooth). Make sure you do NOT buy a ESP8266, those do not have bluetooth at all.


ESP32 dev boardamz/us amz/uk 
M5Atom (all kinds)m5stack digi 
M5Stamp Picom5stack 
M5Stamp C3 Matem5stack 
M5Stick-C Plusm5stack amz/us amz/usThese are great little devices, but their built-in battery makes them less ideal
D1 Mini ESP32amz/usMake sure you get the ESP32 NOT the ESP8266
Huzzah32amz/usMuch better quality than generic ESP32 dev boards
LOLIN32 ESP32ali 

USB A to C cables

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