Base Stations

The firmware is currently compatible with the ESP32 WROOM and WROVER dual core (most common) OR the ESP32C3 (beta). 4MB of flash is required (most common). We do not currently support single core S2 or S3 variants. Make sure you do NOT buy a ESP8266, those do not have bluetooth at all.


ESP32 dev boardamz/us amz/uk 
M5Atom (all kinds)m5stack digi 
M5Stamp Picom5stack 
M5Stamp C3 Matem5stack 
M5Stick-C Plusm5stack amz/us amz/usThese are great little devices, but their built-in battery makes them less ideal
D1 Mini ESP32amz/usMake sure you get the ESP32 NOT the ESP8266
Huzzah32amz/usMuch better quality than generic ESP32 dev boards
LOLIN32 ESP32ali 

USB A to C cables

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