COVID Exposure Apps

If none of the above is helping you uniquely identity your phone you can install a COVID Exposure tracker app on just the phone you want to track. Those beacons will be shown as exp:20. Unfortunetly we cannot use them to unqiuely identify your device if it is enabled on multiple devices. BUT, we can use the number of unique exp:20 ids to count the number of people that are in a room. Use the count settings to do this.

Room assistant iOS App (Deprecated)

This app has unfortunately not been working while in the background so we can no longer recommend it.

Querying (Deprecated)

If you can’t install an app or Enroll (pair once) to a device you can instead Query it for name, model or manufacturer see (https://espresense.com/configuration/settings#scanning). This is a last resort because when you’re connecting to a device you’ll lose all advertising packets from other devices.