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Fork of ESP32-mqtt-room

ESPresense is a fork/rewrite of ESP32-mqtt-room.


  • SUPER Easy Browser based installation
  • Captive portal for easy WiFi setup
  • Home Assistant MQTT Discovery for easy HA configuration
  • Auto-updates by downloading github released bin (with a preference if you don’t want this)
  • Uses a fingerprint instead of mac addresses so we can track randomized mac devices (like Apple Watches and iOS devices)
  • Filters measured distance with botah a median prefilter and a Kalman filter (reduces jitter for more accuracy)
  • Fully multithreaded, uses constant BLE scanning, doesn’t disable wdt (more reliable)
  • Additional AppDaemon app that attempts to solve indoor position (x,y,z) with multiple ESPresense stations using multilateralization.

Libraries Used

ESPresense depends heavily on the hard work done by a number of people: