Known working trackable beacons:

Name Tested Links Notes
Android Phones Yes   Must install an app
iPhones Yes *   Must use exposure or continuity fingerprints
Apple Watches Yes *   Must use exposure or continuity fingerprints
Tiles Yes amazon These work great, but update slower
Blue Charm Beacons Yes amazon Configure as iBeacon or eddystone, don’t enable both at the same time
MiBand 2 & 5 amazon  
Amazfit Bip S Yes amazon  
Puck-JS Yes espruino If programmed to broadcast beacon packets
Generic BTLE Beacons Yes   Anything that follows the iBeacon or Eddystone standards
MiFlora plant sensor Yes *   Location only

* = with caveats

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If you have a different BLE-enabled piece of hardware that you have gotten to work with this project, please let us know about it! You can open an issue or just submit a pull request to update the documentation right in the repository!