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Known working

Android Phones Must install an app
iPhones Pair to retrieve IRK
Apple Watches Use iCloud keychain to get IRK
TilesamazonThese work great, but update somewhat slow
Blue Charm BeaconsamazonConfigure as iBeacon or eddystone, don’t enable both at the same time
Puck-JSespruinoIf programmed to broadcast beacon packets
Generic BTLE Beacons Anything that follows the iBeacon or Eddystone standards
musegear finder 2musegearMust be connected once with the associated app.
Whoop strap 3.0 Id format: name:whoop-xxxxxxx
Whoop strap 4.0 Id format: name:whoop-xxxxxxx
Amazfit Bip Samazon 
Amazfit GTS 2 Miniamazon 
Amazfit GTR 2eamazon 
Xiaomi Mi BandamazonMake sure discoverable is turned on

Works with caveats

MiFlora plant sensorLocation only
FitBitsOnly works when not connected to a phone
Xiaomi WatchOnly works when not connected to a phone
HUAWEI Band 6Only works when not connected to a phone
HUAWEI Watch GT2Only works when not connected to a phone
Fi Smart Dog CollarSmart Base needs to be powered off or Collars will not beacon
Gigaset G-TagOnly works when not connected to a phone

Known to not work

Wear OS SmartwatchesNot tested
Apple AirTagsWe can only count how many are currently not connected to a phone
Samsung SmartTagsRandomized mac addresses

Add to the list

If you have a different BLE-enabled piece of hardware that you have gotten to work with this project, please let us know about it! You can click the edit this page in the footer.

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